Raspberry Pi Media/Gaming Box – Cutting the Box

Now that the layout has been established (look at the placing components if you need a reference), we need to cut out the spots for the ports. I’m pretty sure it would just be annoying to have to open the case every time you want to plug something in. So, you want to mark where the ports would be exposed and cut the holes. First, you’ll want to put masking tape on the exterior of the case so to avoid scratching it up. Kind of loses its glamor if it looks like you stuffed it in a food processor.

Before you cut into the case you’ll need to pull back the rubber around the edges. That rubber will not only make the case close better, but it also helps cover up the ports for aesthetic value.

You’ll notice in the photo that there is plastic gears hot glued to the case. I found that some cheap plastic gears worked perfect for the stand offs. I just used some little screws and clipped the edges to fit. Another example of how you can take something designed for an entirely different purpose and apply it. However, I recommend you do this after the cutting. It would have made cleaning up the case a lot easier.

Cutting the Case

Cutting out the port areas

I found that a ceramic cutting disc for a Dremel tool made short work of the case. If you’re the kind of person that likes to be able to see, I highly recommend wearing eye protection. There was all kinds of plastic spraying everywhere.

You’ll need to cut out spots for:

  • USB hub
  • HDMI (use the port saver as a reference)
  • Rocker switch
  • Power Plug

After cutting out the holes I took a file to smooth out the rough edges.

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